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Audience Analyses: Readership analysis module

Evaluates which segment of the public you address most frequently according to specified characteristics

Audience Analyses: Target group module

Evaluates individually defined target groups and analyses the potential to optimise your press list
If you want to make sure that your issues and messages reach your target groups, it is important that you select and present your topics in the right way; just as crucial is a suitable press contact list that meets your objectives.

Our Audience Analyses deliver empirical data on the composition of your readership and media user groups, providing you with details on demographics, buying behaviour, brand affinity and current topics of interest as well as openness to innovation. Audience Analyses identify the media with the highest affinity to your target groups and uncover new possibilities to improve your media exposure. You can address specific dialogue groups and maximise your chances to make a positive impact on the issues and markets that are important to you.

We can either send you a standardised readership analysis or alternatively you can opt for a customised analysis of your target groups, based on survey data from the Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis (AWA).

Our experts on audience analysis would be happy to provide you with further information on our range of services.