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Media Impact Analysis

Media impact analyses based on our modular system offer a cohesive solution for PR evaluation.
How can you measure the overall performance of PR activities and media image in relation to audience reach and the effect of messages within your target groups? In conjunction with TNS Infratest, our product PR Track does just that. By combining surveys of a cross-section of the German population with media impact analyses, PR Track makes it possible to trace the effects of your PR campaign in the media and on your targeted audience.

PR Track enables you to:
  • measure the success of a PR campaign in the media
  • monitor the effect of messages on your target groups
  • determine which areas should be optimised for future PR campaigns
  • gain general knowledge on the effect of brand communications and PR

PR Track presents the achievements of your campaign by looking at all dimensions of the whole process and its effect:
  • it shows the actual effect of a campaign independent of advertising and brand name effects
  • It monitors and evaluates both the level of exposure achieved within your target group and the effect on your media image