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You already know which factors indicate how well you are managing company communications: public opinion, your media presence, and your company's image. What we at AUSSCHNITT know best is how to get hold of this information. Our Media Impact Analyses tell you which topics will determine tomorrow's agenda, reveal the weaknesses in your competition's image and let you know what others are saying about you.

Media Impact Analyses support you in:
  • planning and monitoring PR strategies
  • managing communications campaigns
  • developing product, person and company images
  • anticipating developments on the (opinion) markets
  • tracking new trends
  • planning, controlling and legitimating your communications budget
We can put together a quantifiable record of your public relations' success using measurable analysis criteria based on proven standards. The results you receive differentiate between media presence and media image and are compiled using our MIA modular system in accordance with your personal analysis profile.

New: Audience analyses are based on empirical methodology and provide you with details on media user groups and the composition of your readership. They can identify media with the highest affinity to your target groups and reveal new possibilities for addressing the media and optimising your press contact list.
Media Impact Analyses combined with our Opinion Monitoring service allow you to track all aspects of the development of stories in new media as well as in the classic mass media.

In conjunction with market research our Media Impact Analyses help you identify the effect of your PR strategies outside of classic marketing communication channels such as advertising and sponsorship.

Our sales team can help you with practical advice on how to create your own analysis profile and will support you with workshops to develop the best presentation for your target groups.

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Media Data Research

Are you missing key data on articles and reports from the German and international press? We have over 23,000 up to date entries in our database. Please ask our sales team for more information on this service.