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we also offer solutions for market research and PR evaluation?

Professional Advice on the most effective PR Evaluation for your Needs

Our services can support you throughout the whole process of planning and developing new communications strategies. You define the aims and objectives of your press work and we will work out what type of evaluation best suits your needs. We can assist you with:
  • selecting a media list
  • defining keywords and search profiles
  • selecting suitable evaluation tools
  • developing a concept for a customised Media Impact Analysis or other analyses from our portfolio
  • the right layout and presentation to address your target groups.
We do more than just deliver a simple list of results with graphics and tables. Together with you in a special workshop we will work out the optimal concept for your media evaluation and present you with results that take into account your PR objectives and communications environment. Last but not least we can help you with the presentation of all results for use in your company and offer in-house seminars on PR and media evaluation.