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Media Impact Analysis combined with market research

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Tailored to your Needs - using proven Standards

Professional media impact analyses are based on personal targets and issues. However, the analysis always functions according to proven standards too. Using our specially developed modules, we can combine the particular analysis features that fit best to your personal profile.

The four modules that make up the system represent the actual dimensions of the media impact analysis. Each module contains standard analysis criteria as well as other optional features.

We select the appropriate modules and features together with you directly or according to your brief. Using this information we can put together a customised offer for you. Our many years of experience may well come in hand at this stage and we would be glad to advise you on how to create the optimal personal analysis profile for your needs.

Coverage Analysis

The base module of our Media Impact Analysis measures the volume and frequency of relevant media coverage. The analyses of coverage evaluate, for example, the media presence of particular topics, media categories, trade sectors and media types, Advertising Value Equivalents and geographical distribution. All further modules are founded on the results of this analysis.

Image Analysis

The image analysis measures the tone of the media coverage. It examines the ratio of negative to positive or neutral media coverage and the relationship with journalistic styles, for example. It analyses the individual factors that determine your company or organisation's overall image in the press and compares it with the exposure achieved by your major competitors.

Issues and Trend Analysis

This module focuses on issues that win public attention relevant to your company, product or brand. The Issues and Trend Analysis examines the context of topics covered by the media, identifies opportunities and risks and provides a basis for strategic issues management.

Input-Output Analysis

Input-output analyses measure the impact of your press work and provide an indicator to evaluate your PR success. The module investigates whether key messages have been taken up by the media and the quality of the exposure.

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